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She wanted to be a dragon
To be one with the sky
As this mythical, majestic being
For once she would open her eyes wide
To take in the world
Beyond skyscrapers and pavement
And babies' cries for their mothers.
She'd be their mother, their savior
their champion for the weak
And an omen of justice
Spitting fire and screetching
She'd breathe life into the world -
The closest thing to Phoenix fire
our civilization would ever touch.
But she's not a dragon.
She's a girl on a gurney
With carcinogens in spades
And a single near-empty pen-
Far from useful
To light a fire
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 1 1
How can I put into words
this short-circuit, electric
screeching halt
to all things logical.
Wires rerouted from my brain
to send impulses to my heart -
thumping out a Morse code
of thoughts
and feelings
only to get lost in translation as
"I like your shoes."
(But your smile at my desperation
  for perfect words
  and a right time
  is worth any embarrassment.)
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 2 0
Dear Alice,
Welcome back! Welcome back!
Did you miss all your friends?
That mangy cat
and his nefarious grin?
Oh! The rabbit's been twitching
his pink little nose
waiting for you to return
to your true home.
As for me? Well,
I saved you a seat
at my tea party for two.
(It's served at six, my sweet.)
There's one more person
I may have failed to mention.
You remember her -- right?
The manifestation of your dementia?
She's here, she's waiting,
she's very upset.
Then again, anyone would be
if it was off with their heads!
Well, visit us while you're here
and I'll leave you with this:
Welcome! Welcome!
Welcome back, Alice!
Your friend,
The Mad Hatter
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 7 2
Wonderland's A Real Place
I fell down the rabbit hole
into a world of feathers
and fancy clocks dismantled,
hung on display
for barbie doll eyes peering
out from acryllic paints.
Down the hall the Cat
smirks from his throne
while the bass drones
from over head speakers.
Thump, Thump
thrumming through me
from head to high heels
Click, click,
clacking down porcelain halls
Past the clocks,
the cat,
the feathers,
the barbie eyes,
and -
We all fall
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 2 1
Abandon inborn modesty
and stand before me, body bare
comfortable in naught but your own skin.
Let me see your imperfections
so my eyes may worship your curves
in the way only a lover should.
I will appreciate your scars
and every inch of skin, pulled taut
over curves too wide, from head to toe.
And when I have seen all I wish
I'll part my lips, whisper, "narcissist."
and we'll share one last reflected grin.
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 6 3
Skin Deep
Rouge lipped head turner in high heels
tilting the scale in favor of her hips
in sleek, monochrome curves.
I know what you're thinking;
"Doesn't she clean up so well?"
It's amazing
what a little lysine and silica
can do for the soul.
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 2 2
As An Assassin
Finding death
on the tip of a blade
is expected, welcome.
Finding love
at its point
is not.
(What irony, my dear.)
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 4 37
Second Chance
   She's like a firecracker out of no where, I'll give her that. Somehow she always manages to surprise me, laughing at me over the phone when I falter or express how much she's rattled me. None of her past attempts at making me falter were anything like this:
   "I've...I'm going on a date with him."
   And damn, she wasn't even trying. This wasn't one of her games. I could just hear the honesty, shy and scared of judgment, in her voice. Slowly I shifted until I was sitting up on my bed, cell phone pressed roughly to my ear. It was a long, awkward moment before I could say anything, and even then she beat me to it.
   "I just...thought you should know." Her voice sounded more adamant. "I'm giving him a second chance."
   For another second I have to just sit there in the darkness, one of my fists clenched to my side. A part of me wanted to yell at her over the phone, ask what the hell she was thinking. Instead,
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 5 3
Let's raise a glass to the New Year
and let it shatter on the floor!
I've sworn off Sorrow and Misery
left them standing at the door.
Instead I walked home with a man
by the name of Liberation
who dropped me off with this advice:
                        "You are your own salvation."
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 4 1
Hey, when I get a car
do you want to spend lazy summer afternoons
with the top rolled down in that cliche way you despise?
We can drive off road,
to wherever we can go on a gallon of gas
and then hike all the way back to our starting point.
Alright, maybe it is an excuse
to spend more time with you, just maybe
but you like spending time with me, so you won't complain.
Someday, also, we should dance
you and I together, and I can be the first
to see you muttering about how weird you feel with straight hair.
And you'll complain
that you have all the grace of an elephant.
All left feet. You'll say you're "beyond awkward."
Or not. You are so amazing.
Swaying to the beat, attempting to be sexy.
(I don't think you need to try, but maybe it's just me.)
I could talk of dreams for hours
of an ideal first date and of laughing.
Of never, and forever, and hopefully will be's.
Finally you stop me, laughing
never actually saying how ridiculous I sound,
but implying it in the way you say "Good night."
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 3 7
Christmas Gift 2 - LietPoland by Sadistic-but-Sweet Christmas Gift 2 - LietPoland :iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 4 3 Christmas Gift 1-GreecePrussia by Sadistic-but-Sweet Christmas Gift 1-GreecePrussia :iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 3 2
The Skeptic
A Skeptic, a Nerd, and a Procrastinator sat comfortably in a well lit living room on a Tuesday night in the middle of October, sipping beers and bickering about the oddest thing.
"I'm telling you, the cat is dead. Quit getting hung up on the observer effect," Mr. Nerd replied testily, pointing a finger across the glass table at the man seated on the sofa.
The man, Mr. Skeptic, arched an eyebrow. "Aren't you quoting Libba Bray?"
"It's called paraphrasing, and she has a point about that," was the sharp reply. Mr. Nerd downed a deep gulp of beer, eying the brown bottle before shrugging and setting it down. "For a writer, she's pretty brilliant."
"I take offense to that." The girl slumped at the other end of the sofa spoke up. Peering up at the two men before going back to the magazine, she said, "Writers are brilliant, except Stephanie Meyer. She's crazy. In fact, she's more of an obsessive, creepy fangirl toward vampires than I am toward Kurt Hummel, and that's saying something."
"I'm ju
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 5 4
You Took My Heart to Paris
You took my heart to Paris,
delivered it to Rome,
and left it in the Atlantic
like you left me at home
Left me waiting for a knight
upon some valiant steed
to bring me diamonds and pearls
to fufill my every need
But diamonds are not love
for love cannot be bought
You flew away with mine long ago
and I knew all hope was lost
For you took my heart to Paris,
delivered it to Rome.
While you left it in the Atlantic
I waited for you to bring it home.
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 7 7
From the moment she passed the foyer
dropped her bag and continued in further
to the living room, listening for a sound.
She passes by doorways, looking around.
She peers up - she peers down - far too aware -
Nobody's home - there's nothing there.
"It's eerily quiet," she notes with a sigh
"I wonder where they've gone to this time?
Are they still at work? Did they leave a note?"
She runs for the kitchen with high hopes
but with a creak of the stairs, she jumps, scared,
reassuring herself that there's nothing there.
There's no slip of paper adorning the fridge.
Not the slightest clue, not even a smidge
of where her parents have gone away.
Sulking from the kitchen to her room in dismay,
she checks the house from ceiling to floor -
There's nothing more than there was before.
It's not even dark, only a few hours past noon.
"You're being silly! They'll be home soon"
She tells herself as she slips into bed
pulling covers up and tight over her head.
Determined not to think of what's not there
:iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 4 2
2 Down, 998 to Go by Sadistic-but-Sweet 2 Down, 998 to Go :iconsadistic-but-sweet:Sadistic-but-Sweet 11 10

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CONTEST: Kick Your Own @ss!!!
Kick Your Own ss!

A visual art contest meant to push the Artist to new levels and challenge oneself - above all it is a contest designed around the idea of you the artist, kicking your own ss! :giggle:
So what does this mean exactly?

The Rules:
1. Entrants must re-do an existing work!  You cannot improve an existing work, it must be done from scratch but with the same concept and idea of the work you have chosen to re-create.  (Plain and simple, don't open up the old work in your graphics program and tweak it, it must be completely re-done! Same idea for traditional works!) :nod:
2. You may include new elements into the new work, or you may choose to use all of the same elements from the existing work - but either way it must be obviously referenced from your existing work so the two can be compared, you want to see how you have improved over time as an artist!
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Photo Contest 'Picture a song' is beginn
Hi everybody!
These three crazy italian girls :iconmeppol: :iconnush74: :iconsmokedval: are up with an idea.
a new contest (or maybe a series of contests, who knows :giggle:) titled Picture A Song
April song is:
Money, Money, Money
Must be funny
in the rich men's world

Submission period: from April the 2nd to May the 1st
Deviations accepted: one per deviant, it may be an old deviation or, even better, a new one.
Your deviation must be a photo and not another kind of deviation. No webcam captures accepted.

How to submit a dev: Write a note to nush74 with your deviation thumbnail
Where can I see the submissions?: You can see them in this gallery:
Judges: the three of us: nush74 meppol smokedval
First prize: three months sub by meppol
             one mont
:iconnush74:nush74 91 29
Ethereal bloom by Faeriedivine Ethereal bloom :iconfaeriedivine:Faeriedivine 256 84 Superlatives Blank Meme by kineticnovels Superlatives Blank Meme :iconkineticnovels:kineticnovels 588 42
Writer's Block: A Battle
Two opponents on a battlefield.
On one side, the tired author,
a sharpened quill in his hand
and deadly computer keys in the other.
On the other side, the blank piece of paper
stands tall,
rejoicing in its power over the meek
En garde!
The quill flashes in the sun
(bright, shiny, deadly)
and the writer advances!
Fwish, fwish, shing!
The paper rolls around and springs back
up, mocking the poor man with
his shiny blankness.
Fight, you heathen!
The writer roars and slashes out
black ink splatters across the paper,
spreading quickly and marring the page.
The paper snarls and wraps itself
around the man's arm, leaving him only
with the keys L, O, S, and E
to fight with.
The writer shrieks and makes a pass,
desperately aiming at the middle of the page,
and connects!
An "E" attaches to the paper.
Augh! Retreat!
They back up, and the author makes
the first move:
throwing his keys like darts,
and pinning the page to the wall.
:iconprosaic-scriptor:Prosaic-Scriptor 298 180
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Some Deviations I've found that are (a) relevent to my interests, (b) really cool looking, or (C) just too unique to pass up :3 Go check 'em out!



No, really, I'm fine. The last four months have simply been hectic beyond belief between the end of Speech season, my art camp audition, my art camp rejection, work, and various summer camps.

As far as speech goes, I took second place in Standard Oratory this year. I didn't even make it past finals in debate due to several stupid mistakes on my part and a horribly written negative case. Next year I'm wondering if my speech teacher will kill me for dropping debate and focusing solely on my acting. This past year a lot of his talented seniors graduated, meaning us upcoming juniors get to be star actors finally. (All of the upcoming senior class is debate and extemporaneous speaking.) I'm looking forward to the one act play this year - he was highly implying I was best choice to be the lead female.

As mentioned above, I auditioned and was subsequently rejected from the art camp this year. What is beyond disappointing is that I wasn't even chosen as an alternate. After a good two weeks of brooding and copious amounts of chocolate and soda, I picked myself up and simply decided to try again next year. I haven't written much since then, truthfully, but I'm certain I'll have something ready by time next audition season rolls around.

Speaking of writing, I'm currently taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo - NaNoWriMo's summer session. I'm already behind by about three thousand words, but I'm so passionate about the piece I'm not concerned. I'm writing a coming of age story about a frustrated noblewoman who winds up finding true love and learns how to be her own woman while fighting against her overbearing, abusive father and society's expectations for her.

Sound familiar? It should - I have the first ten chapters of the original draft posted on here.

Yes, I'm completely rewriting "I Thus Proclaim Myself Insane". Some of the characters and much of the story has received an over haul, and I'm ridiculously excited to be writing it again. I never abandoned it, but I fell head first into major writers block for the eleventh chapter. I over came it and, eventually, wrote the chapter, only to lose it while in the middle of editing to a hard drive failure. Frustrated and angry, I left it to rot for a while, but I always kept it in the front of my mind. A year and six months later and I have a better idea of where the story went wrong and what I need to do to fix it, which includes a complete change in story telling perspective and a lot of alterations to motives and goals. I'm 7000 words in and currently very, very happy with its direction.

It sounds like I've been busy, but trust me - I have tons of art work to show you guys. It's just a matter of being able to take good enough quality pictures (since we're currently lacking scanner.) Don't worry - I'm still drawing, I'm still writing.

I'm alive, and damn does it feel good.
  • Listening to: Spice! by Len Kagamine
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Pan's Labryinth
  • Playing: Alice: Madness Returns
  • Eating: Pretzels
  • Drinking: A&W Root Beer


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A proud Gleek and supporter of :iconkareen: getting published <3

You know you want to help this poor, independent, and totally deserving writer get published:

Current Residence: Alfred F. Jones's bellybutton :3
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium to a Large
Favourite genre of music: Modern Rock or 80s Hair Metal. Or Rock in general
Favourite photographer: MY MOMMY! 8D
Favourite style of art: Traditional all the way! Pencils and pens are your friends!
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: I'm good with any. Right now I'm using a Zen Stone PLUS.
Shell of choice: Something shiny **-**
Wallpaper of choice: Anything not pink.
Skin of choice: something chewy ._.
Favourite cartoon character: Double D/Ed from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.
Personal Quote: "Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art" - Emily Dickinson


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Oh, thanks so much! That was my first time organizing something like that,
I'm glad it went well!
Thanks bunches1 I try really hard on my cosplays :]
For the horns, use Crayola Model Magic for the horns and Bondo to fill in the cracks.
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Really? That's impressive then! Congratulations on a job well done! -laughs-
And thank you again for the recommendation on how to make the horns. I've never made props before for a cosplay, so this will be exciting whenever I get to make them.
I really hope to see you and the other Homestuck cosplayers next year. I'll be sure to send you a link whenever I get the Homestuck photos up. >:]
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